“I’ve received an item, I’ve tried it on but it’s too small/big. What do I do?”

All you have to do is email us, tell us your preferred size and we’ll send you your item with your preferred size after we receive the old item.  Or if you would prefer a refund, send it back to us to the address we’ll provide you and we’ll give you a refund.


“I have my item, but there’s a problem with it.”

Oh no! Just email us with a picture of the problem and we’ll send you a new item as soon as we can.


“I’ve just made a purchase, but I’ve changed my mind and I don’t need it anymore. What should I do?”

If your item has not been dispatched yet. Please give us a email as quick as you can to tell us that you don’t need the item anymore. Please tell us your name and your order number.


“I’ want to send an item back, what do I do?”

We won’t be offended, promise! Email us and we’ll send you an address to send it back to. This will cost you, but we’ll give you 10% off on your next order. Once we receive the item, we’ll process a refund asap.


“I still haven’t received my item, what’s taking so long?”

If you have any concerns about delivery, please email us and we’ll try and see what’s happened. Please note, all delivery times stated are after the item(s) have been dispatched.